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What is the Purpose of IV Lasix?

IV Lasix is a diuretic drug that is used for edema or fluid retention issues.  IV Lasix is introduced to the body intravenously and thus makes it more effective than what its pill-type sibling makes.  If you develop any type of water buildup, it is likely that you will be given some type of Lasix drug, most likely the pill-type kind of Lasix.  This is because IV Lasix is given to more serious issues of edema, particularly due to the fact that IV Lasix is introduced to the body via IV.

IV Lasix comes in fluid form and usually gets introduced to the body by injecting the IV Lasix into an IV dextrose that is already injected to the body.  This makes it much easier for any medical staff to give the IV Lasix to the person who is in need of the drug.  Being in IV dextrose means the patient is already confined to the hospital and thus makes the condition more serious than those patients being given prescription and instructions on how to use Lasix at home.  The gravity in the use of IV Lasix is much more serious.

In terms of effectiveness, IV Lasix is much more effective than its pill counterpart.  This is mainly because IV Lasix gets introduce to the body directly through the bloodstream.  In fact, a 2 ml of IV Lasix is already equivalent to 20mg of Lasix in pill form.  This is why IV Lasix is much more preferred for use in clinical or hospital settings as medical professionals have better control over edema.  Thanks to IV Lasix, patients who develop fluid buildup are certain to have their water retention issue to bet treated.  Of course, the underlying cause of the edema also needs to be treated in order to fully stop the onset of the water retention issue.

Under most situations, IV Lasix does not given or prescribed to patients unless there is really a need for a more serious diuretic treatment drug for the condition they currently have.  Otherwise, they are normally just given the regular Lasix drug.  However, if their condition is deemed serious, they will be required to be confined to the hospital so they can be given IV Lasix for proper treatment.  Basically, the use IV Lasix is dependent upon the condition that the patient is currently in. Continue reading “What is the Purpose of IV Lasix?” »