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Sildenafil Citrate – The Answer to Your Erectile Dysfunction Problem

If your doctor has diagnosed you and he has officially told you that you have erectile dysfunction, then fear not, because you can rely on PDE5 inhibitor drugs such as sildenafil citrate to help you solve your erectile dysfunction problem.

Sildenafil citrate is a drug created as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and also pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Sildenafil citrate works by inhibiting or stopping the action of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which is an enzyme produced in the body that is responsible for the degradation of cGMP.  The cGMP, in turn, is responsible for the regulation of blood flow into the penile shaft.

Sildenafil citrate was mainly discovered by Pfizer scientists David Brown, Nicholas Terrett and Andrew Bell.  Since it has become available in the market in the year 1998, sildenafil citrate has been known by many men to be a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction.

In a nutshell, the primary use of sildenafil citrate is for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men in which they are unable to obtain and sustain an erection that is sufficient enough to finish intercourse.  Today, sildenafil citrate is a preferred medication for men who have both erectile dysfunction and diabetes mellitus.

Aside from erectile dysfunction in men, sildenafil citrate is also found to be a highly potent drug in cases of the rare disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension.  Sildenafil citrate helps relax the arterial wall, which then results to a decrease in the pressure and resistance of the pulmonary arterial wall.  This then results to the reduction of the workload of the heart’s right ventricle, thereby improving patients suffering from right-sided heart failure. Continue reading “Sildenafil Citrate – The Answer to Your Erectile Dysfunction Problem” »

Regain Your Hair Back with Generic Finasteride 1mg

Generic finasteride 1mg is a medicine that is very popular amongst men who are suffering from the bad effects of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness often is known for its signature lack of hair on a man’s crown and in the middle of his scalp.  Generic finasteride 1mg should only be used by adult men only, not women and children.

Generic finasteride 1mg works by reducing the amount of the hormone that is naturally produced within the body called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  Lowering the amount of DHT shall lead to the increased rate of hair being regrown back and induce a slower rate of hair loss. Thankfully, the growth of hair on other body parts is not directly affected by generic finasteride 1mg.  Take note that generic finasteride 1mg is not indicated for the prevention or treatment of prostate cancer in men.  Also, remember that generic finasteride 1mg is contraindicated in men who have prostate cancer since it may to some extent increase the risk of developing a more serious type of prostate cancer.  It is best to discuss with your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking generic finasteride 1mg if you have certain past ailments such as prostate cancer.

It is best that you read the drug pamphlet that is given to you by your pharmacist or what you get from the medicine pack prior to taking generic finasteride 1mg pills.  If you are not sure about some of the information you read about generic finasteride 1mg pills, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist.  Generic finasteride 1mg pills are orally taken (by mouth), and it can be taken with or without any food.  Only a single tablet must be taken once per day daily, or as instructed by your doctor.  If the tablet is accidentally broken or crushed, it must never be handled by a woman who is currently pregnant or has the potential to become pregnant due to risks of fetal defects. Continue reading “Regain Your Hair Back with Generic Finasteride 1mg” »